21"x13 1/2" oil on linen


Description of dragon island

along the northeastern shores of Lake Superior there is an island the First Americans called the Sleeping Lady.  When the atmospheric conditions are right and the sun is in the correct position: the distant island appears to be floating above the water surface and is in the shape of a sleeping woman.  There are others with equally interesting shapes and legends……

On a late summer evening I pulled into a motel to rest on my journey around the lake and the owner excitedly motioned for me to come and see as I was just getting out of my car.  I hurried over thinking help was needed and he said ” look’ pointing to the island.  “It’s perfect tonight!  You don’t know how lucky you are!”  It was amazing.

Painting specific places with recognizable images is not the essence of art. IMHO. This painting is inspired by the many islands I encountered but specific to none…… only the essence Shibuma.

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