Artist Statement

The first series presented here is largely inspired by the American Tonalist movement (1865-1917).  After the American Civil War, the  poets and painters turned to Nature for healing and transcendence . Seeking the Spiritual, needing redemption and renewal, I too turned often to nature to see in it the hand of God; the comfort of Beauty; the promise of Love. These paintings are a narrative between the viewer and the spiritual as reflected by the natural world. They are meditations, prayers, benedictions.

The second series here is called the Children of the Cosmic Dawn.  It takes the narrative to the next step: the relationship of the Light/Spirit with it’s creation. The shapes begin to express love to each other, and share the experience of the touch, the birth of light within and without. A celebration if you will. They further express the solidity of light and the transparency of darkness.  There are narratives here of transcendence, finding home, and finding Love.

The progression is essential and logical. First: Seeking and seeing the reflection of Spirit. Second: Being touched and healed and beginning to relate to the Spiritual within and with each other.