Painting is an essential part of being human. Only the songs first sung by Earth’s children with the bright morning star, precede the advent of painting as an expression of the Great ArtSpirit in Earth on Earth. We have made paint and applied it to various surfaces and creatures and even ourselves since the pre-dawn of civilization. Painting is an essential part of being human.

Historically painters were considered magicians, shamans, communicators of Spirit messages or Truth. Their work would not only decorate consecrated spaces, but served the higher purpose of expressed prayer to the Great Spirit for passage into heaven or protection from Earth dangers and always to bring to mind the reality of the Spirit.

I strongly feel the Truth of paint has been greatly confused in modern times.  And the title artist is taken prematurely and without merit. The purpose of painting as with all art must be the inspiration of Spiritual understanding and reflection.

Photographs capture only a portion of the strong presence within a multi-layered, glazed work of oil based art.  Suffice to to say you are welcome to come and view them in person at my gallery on 18 North Fort Thomas Avenue in Fort Thomas , Kentucky.  Enjoy!

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