J. Timothy Tim Lancaster Portrait with abstract painting

His formula for success was and remains “quiet thought, listening, and following the impulses of the ArtSpirit.”


Tim Lancaster was born in Fort Thomas, Kentucky in 1956His early art education and inspiration started at ages 6-11, five days a week, 45 minutes a day at The Cathedral Basilica in Covington, Kentucky. His inspiration was fueled by the architecture, stained glass windows and most importantly the Frank Duveneck (1848 – 1919) Murals. He began to paint around age 7, and took painting classes in a local artist’s home studio.

Next, his education continued at Covington Latin School between ages 12-16 attending with Duveneck as his inspiration still. He spent many afternoons studying the collection of Duvenck’s fine oil paintings at the Covington Public Library. At the time, Tim was very influenced by the “bold definitive painterly style.” He may not have realized at the time that he was attracted to Frank Duveneck’s teaching of the Munich School style of painting. This was a movement of artists who studied in Munich or attended the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Munich between 1850 and 1918. Dvueneck brought this style back to Cincinnati and influenced many notable artists who learned it then and continue learning it today. Tim started to believe that the beauty of Duveneck’s style was reachable and he began to pursue this path of painting. He continued his Fine Art lessons at the Baker-Hunt Foundation.

By age 23, Tim had been an artist the majority of his life, and his style had finally evolved. He founded Lancaster Artworks and created faux painting, classical wood graining and murals. He promoted his brand as a “fancy painter” and took on any project thrown his way. The mural experience is one reason why Tim prefers to paint large rather than small. This was the foundation for Tim to practice and understand his material (paint) in great depth.

In 2006, Lancaster ArtWorks made its final transition to paintings on canvas or linen only. He received critical help and insights from Tina Tamarro (Art Academy ,U.C.), and P.A. Nisbet as to how to bring forty years of painting to stretched linen.

Today, Tim resides in Madisonville, Ohio and paints daily in his studio near Lunken Airport. He enjoys creating series of paintings, as well as constant experimentation. He currently has a series available that is influenced by the Rookwood tiles and John Henry Twachtman  (1853 – 1902). These canvases are created on high-quality stretcher bars and Belgian linen. The resin is built up to create compositions in approximately 90 layers of paint in each painting. His canvas and linen sizes are influence by the masters.

Contact jtimothylancaster@gmail.com or 859-466-5615 for more information.
Instagram: @j.timothylancaster