the artist and the open door

by J.Timothy Lancaster in Uncategorized

the ArtSpirit is ever evolving and ever changing and ever new. It’s essence, It’s principles remain ever stable and ever the same and ever must guide the artist’s hand.

We may look back in art history and see what appears to be sharp dramatic splits from the Principles of painting to some wild and completely subjective and unprincipled methods of creating Art. And while there are such hands at work, that work does not endure or separate itself historically.

Reading such gifted writers and instructors as Varnedoe and Raynal… the breaks from convention from such painters as Monet or Pollock or Whistler or Turner are seen as an advance on the expression of principles. Jesus advanced Principle in word and understanding.

Perhaps Monet abandoned the glazing over glazing of earlier days and moved the artist’s studio to the great outdoors, used tubed paints, and built layers of dabs : his paintings yet captured anew the excitement of Love from a joyous audience….he inspired the Soul; and yes Pollock actually threw paint to a canvas on the ground but he did so guided by experience and knowledge of ancient principles of color and composition and years of mural painting; he too is loved as an American  VanGogh in the hearts of millions:  their work does check off a number of Principles of ancient traditions, advances them and I feel, attempts to find them all. There is a presence or power in their work, that is the ArtSpirit demonstrated.

the Bible says ” Wisdom is justified of all her children”.  An art critic of J.M.W.Turner’s day said his were “paintings of nothing.” Ruskin bemoaned that Whistler had ” thrown a pot of paint in the face of the public.”  And yet these very paintings ,their works remain masterworks deeply cherished and regarded……and yet inspiring.

I feel it is deeply important to look deeply into “ModernArt” for mastery of ancient principles.

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